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The gels have been designed to satisfy the energy demands to provide a sustained amount of energy release when training.

Sodium is the principal mineral included in the ingredients which is lost through sweating. A loss of sodium can cause muscle cramps, weakness and, in severe cases, hyponatremia. Its presence within the body increases the absorption rate of water, delays fatigue and reduces the production of urine, something that, as a result, increases fluid levels.

The gels also provide potassium. This is lost with every muscle contraction. Potassium is important for the transmission of nerve impulses.

A gluten free product made from organic ingredients that contain both complex and simple carbohydrate syrups, water, sea salt, potassium chloride, citric acid, powdered fruit and natural aromas.

The company is certified by the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community.

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口味 Flavor

士多啤梨 & 香蕉, 蜜瓜, 檸檬, 可樂, 熱帶水果, Strawberry & Banana, Melon, Lemon, Cola, Forest Fruit



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