Box of 8 Fresh energy gels – Honey, royal jelly & mint




Need a refreshment? The organic Meltonic freshening gel is here! This energy gel with honey has been designed to bring you progressive energy and a real freshness effect during your effort (running, trailrunning, cycling, triathlon, marathon …)

This refreshing energy gel composed of acacia honey, extracts of green propolis from Amazonia, royal jelly, and essential oil of peppermint will refresh you while providing you with natural and invigorating progressive energy. .

Benefits of the organic fresh energy gel
Acacia honey: progressive energy
Mint: a good minty taste for a freshness effect
Royal jelly: antioxidant effect, rich in vitamins
Green propolis: antioxidant properties, strengthens natural defenses
Using advice
To be consumed during your effort. Consume the equivalent of a freshening gel every 45 minutes / 1 hour.
Drink one to two sips of water or energy drink after taking the gel.

Ingredients +

Acacia honey* 87,4%
lemon juice*
Royal Jelly* 2,5%
liquid Amazonian green propolis extract2%
peppermint essential oil* 0,1%
* : organic product

Nutritional Values +

  • For : 100g
  • Energy : 1284 kJ is 302 kcal
  • Fats : <0,5g
  • . of which saturated fats : traces
  • Carbohydrates : 75g
  • . of which sugars : 59,68g
  • Dietary fiber : <0,5g
  • Proteins : 0,5g
  • Salt : 0,01g

Additional information

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