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Endorsed by Ultra Running Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine, and many other elite running establishments, NipEAZE nipple protectors is GUARANTEED to prevent nipple chafing during the sweatiest endurance challenges. With its durable adhesive and sweat resistant design, NipEAZE is like a shield that protects you from the constant friction between you and your clothing. NipEAZE is easy to apply, discreet, and comfortable enough to be worn all day.  These best-selling nipple covers are available in 2 sizes (for best results, NipEAZE should not be larger than the outside diameter of the areola) Regular ¾”(fits most)/includes 15 pairs; Extra 1”(for larger nipples)/includes 12 pairs  **10 times More Staying-Power than regular Spot Bandages!**

Surfers and Bodyboarders use NipEAZE because it is water-resistant and transparent, so wearing a pair is hardly noticeable yet it protects the nips from the constant friction between you and your board or vest.

Bodybuilders and yoga goers [both men and women] use NipEaze under thin clothing to help prevent those embarrassing ‘nippy’ moments aka high beams.  As the World’s First Sports Pastie, NipEaze helps conceal the nipples allowing you to show off your form with more definition and less nip bump.

About this item

  • The ORIGINAL Hide & Protect Care (Mens’ Nipple Hide & Care System) nipple cover for men / 30count [15pairs]
  • Anti-chafe Adhesive Nipple Covers **10 times More Staying-Power than regular Spot Bandages!** – Save $ ~ Buy 4-pack bundles – ON SALE NOW
  • High Quality Original Brand for the Best, Discreet (Transparent), Breathable, Sweat and Water Resistant Protection or Concealer
  • Nipple Chafing Prevention, Nipple Concealer, Comfortable, Thin, Easy to Use, For both Men & Women
  • Available in 2 sizes / IMPORTANT: NipEAZE should fit so that it comes in contact with the areola only; not the skin around it. Regular 3/4″(fits most); Extra 1″(for larger nipples)



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3/4"(15對), 1"(12對)

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