Organic honey energy bar – Pistachios & salt




Meltonic takes you for a wonderful travel along the Atlantic Coast and imagines an organic energy bar with a great salt and pistachio taste for athletes. These bars are especially design to stimulated organism and varied tastes & textures. A innovative receipe with organic, natural and crunchy ingredients !

Details +

The organic energy bars combine pleasure and performance, with a handy size of 25g and a soft texture studied for all the athletes. (running, trailrunning, cyclisme, triathlon, marathon…)

With their creamy texture, they are easy to digest during training or competition. These delicious salty pistachio flavour bars, with spelt, honey & royal jelly, will provide you the energy needed during endurance effort.

Organic energy bar of 25g, very low gluten for an optimum digestion.

Use :
To consume during training or competition. Consume the equivalent of an energy bar every 1h30
In addition, drink one or two sips of water or Meltonic energy drink for a better hydration Find also this energy in value pack of 5 bars.

Ingredients +

·Date paste*
·rice porridge*
·Almond* powder
·cashew nut*
·Spelt* flakes 8%
·acacia gum*
·Orange blossom honey* 5%
·pistachio* 3%
·salt flower 2%
·Royal jelly* 0,3%
* : Organic product

Nutritional Values +

·FOR : 100g
·Energy : 1276,2 kJ is 305,3 kcal
·Fats : 13g
·. of which saturated fats : 2g
·Carbohydrates : 36,26g
·. of which sugars : 24,2g
·Dietary fiber : 9,8g
·Proteins : 5,9g
Salt : 1,9g
Magnesium : 75mg (20% AJR)
Phosphorus : 140mg (20% AJR)
Vitamin E : 2.4mg (20% AJR)

Additional information

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