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BCAA’s carry out different functions, including providing energy to the muscle during hard exercise (see previous post), promoting protein synthesis and inhibiting catabolic effect.

Amino acids such as Leucine, Valine and isoleucine (BCAA’s) are metabolized in the muscle, unlike other amino acids (in general terms) which are metabolized in the liver.

Nearly one third of the skeletal muscles in the body are composed by he combination of these essential amino acids and they play a very important role in the synthesis of proteins.

Studies have indicated that BCAA’s can help to:

  • Provide muscles with metabolic energy
  • Preserve glycogen stores.
  • They have an anabolic effect (mainly thanks to the leucine) and they are actively involved in the muscular recovery process.

Gluten-free. No added sugar.


15g (3 measures) / 500ml

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