Organic Tonimel




Enjoy beehive treasures : Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly ideal after a physical effort for a better training and a optimal recovery ! Organic Tonimel phials are organic food supplements for athletes imagined for a higher performance !

Boost your body naturally with Tonimel flask. Ideal partner for sportys, Tonimel is in the form of flask which are highly concentrated in royal jelly (1500 mg), Bee Propolis renowned to improve your defenses and Honey (rich in natural energy) and mango that contains fiber and vitamin C.


Concentrate of vitality = Performance guaranteed! (10 vial of 10 ml)

How to take benefit of it ?

Shake before use. Take one phial every morning. Drill it with straw

Products from the organic farming -FR-BIO-01 (a). Those natural treasures are food supplements and should be used as part of a varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children.
Ingredients +


  • mango puree* 3g
  • royal jelly* 1,5g
  • acacia honey* 1g
  • hyrdoglicrined extract* 0,4g : green propolis*, echinacea purpurea* and agave*
  • peach natural aroma
  • purified water



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