Spirulina Tonic




Enjoy the organic tonic spiruline and discover its benefits to optimize your performances ! Organic food supplements for athletes help to the recovery after a long training. So now you can optimize your performance during your tournament !

Spirulina Tonic :

Spirulina is a blue-green seaweed with exceptional nutritional properties ! Combined with Organic Royal Jelly, this natural duo ensured you to recharge your batteries before effort. It helps sharpening your fitness weight and preparing properly your muscles before effort.

What benefits for athletes ?

These nutritional supplements boost muscles recovery. Turmeric, composed of bioactives such as curcumin preserves healthy joints and bones. And with the propolis, the Organic Tonic Turmeric is a stronger concentrate of natural energy !

Ingredients +

Ingredient for 1 capsule:

Spirulina powder 295mg

Lyophilized royal jelly* 5mg

Product specifications +

Product specifications:

10 vial of 10 ml



購物滿 $500 免運費