Tonic Magnesium




Feeling tired ? Anxiety ? So many signs of a lack of magnesium.

A large part of the population lives with a magnesium deficiency. This is especially true for athletes, who evacuate a lot of magnesium through sweating.

Meltonic offers you the Magnesium Tonic:

Regenerates energy in case of muscular fatigue

Contributes to a good muscular functioning

Dead Sea magnesium is a natural product of quality that facilitates its assimilation by the body

2 capsules / day = 79% of recommended daily intakes of magnesium

Associated with royal jelly, it is better absorbed by the body

What benefits does Magnesium Tonic bring to athletes?

Magnesium Tonic is a food supplement that helps to reduce muscle and nerve fatigue in order to be at its best on D-Day.

Ingredients +

Ingredient for 1 capsule:
Royal jelly * 5% (14.21mg)
Dead Sea Marine Magnesium Oxide 95% (270mg)

Product specifications +

Product Specifications:

180 capsules



購物滿 $500 免運費