Organic corn Maltodextrin – Natural lime flavor




Increase your energy reserves and your resistance 3 days before a competition, to be at 200% on the D-day. Enjoy this organic, gluten free and antioxidant recipe based on corn maltodextrin, royal jelly, acerola (rich in vitamin C) and a subtle natural aroma of lime.

– Increase your energy reserves as of D-3 before the objective 

– Organic and Gluten free for an optimal assimilation for body 

– Antioxidant : rich in Vitamin C thanks to acerola 

– Practical and easy to handle with sachets : 3 sachets = 1.5L

– Subtle lime and slightly sweet taste

Recommended use:

The last 3 days before your sport objective: Dilute 3 sachets in 1.5L of water and drink it all along the day, in order to optimise your endurance for a long effort: marathon, trail, triathlon…

Organic and natural ingredients – gluten free – optimal digestion – practical format – 400g.

The organic corn maltodextrin of Meltonicwas developed to prepare your effort. It increases your reserves of glycogen to be ready the D-day.

For what type of efforts our organic corn maltodextrin is made for?

The maltodextrin of Meltonic is made to prepare your body to long efforts. Such as, for example, a marathon or even a trail, a triathlon, biking… For marathon, the goal is to regulate your energy and then achieve your objectives.

How is it consumed?

During the last 3 days before the race : dilute 6 spoons of organic corn maltodextrin in a gourd/bottle/flask of 1.5L of water and drink it all along the day. Repeat the experience the next day and the day after, in order to prepare your body for the race. For an optimal recovery, it is recommended to consume a combination of maltodextrin and proteins.

Which benefits bring this the organic corn maltodextrin?

The organic corn maltodextrin of Meltonic is quicker digested than other sugars, which make of it an ingredient useful for energy drinks. It can help athletes to obtain carbohydrates, keeping light before a race. Consume organic corn maltodextrin helps to reduce the deterioration of muscle glycogen and to improve performances.


  • Maltodextrine*
  • Fructose
  • Arôme naturel de citron vert
  • Extrait d’acérola* 0.93%
  • Gelée royale* 0.5%
  • * Ingredients from organic farming

Nutrition Values

    • For : 100g
    • Energy : 1566kJ (375kcal)
    • Fats : 0g
    • . of which saturated fats : 0g
    • Carbohydrates : 93,2g
    • . of which sugars : 12,1g
    • Dietary fiber : 0,7g
    • Proteins : 0,1g
    • Salt : 0,2g
    • Vitamin C : 159,37mg (199% AJR)



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