Organic Endurance energy gel refill 250g




Meltonic allies beehive treasures to the ginseng vivacity and the orange & lemon essential oil organic certified. Selectionated by our expert, our ingredients are natural, organic certified, gluten free and favour an optimal digestion. A naturally stimulating sensation to maintain your intensity during the physical effort ! Don’t give up !

Details +

This organic endurance gel has been designed to help maintain your intensity during long sports sessions (running, trailrunning, cycling, triathlon, marathon, etc.)This BIO Meltonic endurance energy gel is composed of acacia honey, ginseng, royal jelly and sweet orange essential oil to help oxygenate the muscles and reduce fatigue. Its moderate glycemic index helps to provide progressive energy during exercise.

250g eco-responsible refill, without glucose syrup & gluten-free.

Benefits of endurance energy gel
Acacia honey: progressive energy
Ginseng: helps increase physical endurance and concentration
Royal jelly: antioxidant effect, rich in vitamins
Sweet orange essential oil: fruity taste5
Using advice
To be consumed during your effort. Consume the equivalent of one endurance gel every 45 minutes / 1 hour.
Drink one to two sips of water or energy drink after taking the gel.
Fill the ECO GEL vial with your refill and take the vial directly for your sports activity.

Is the eco gel refill recyclable?
We are attached to our planet! In order to protect our environment, our eco gel refills are made from PET plastic. This plastic is 100% recyclable and makes it possible to make new reusable plastic bottles once recycled. In addition, its treatment in a sorting center saves 50% of energy compared to traditional plastic.

Ingredients +

acacia honey* 83.95%
lemon juice* 8,5%
concentrate extract of ginseng root* 3%
royal jelly* 2,5%
sweet orange essential oil* 0,05%
* : organic product

Nutritional Values +

  • For : 100g
  • Energy : 1219,4 kJ is 286,94 kcal
  • Fats : <1g
  • . of which saturated fats : traces
  • Carbohydrates : 70,9g
  • . of which sugars : 65,25g
  • Dietary fiber : <0,5g
  • Proteins : 0,6g
  • Salt : 0,013g

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